Dermacura “Scalp Relief Treatment” (price Incl VAT)

Dermacura “Scalp Relief Treatment” (price Incl VAT)


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Size: 100ml

Dermacura “Scalp Relief Treatment” is a soothing cream that’s designed to calm and rejuvenate the scalp, this Scalp Relief Treatment by Dermacura is formulated with natural essential oils that combine together to give your scalp a high quality treatment.

Created specifically for those who are prone to irritable scalp conditions, this treatment boasts healing properties that calm the scalp and will leave you feeling refreshed.

Directions of use:

  • The scalp MUST be wet before application, using only a small amount will achieve satisfactory results
  • Can be used daily or as required, use in conjunction with Dermacura Shampoo / Conditioner


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