ANTI AGING Myths And Facts About Anti-Aging: You Must Know!

ANTI AGING Myths And Facts About Anti-Aging: You Must Know!
February 5, 2018 Admin

Do you really think more expensive products work harder than cheaper alternatives? Does more of the good stuff lead to better results sooner? Should you or shouldn’t you try anti-aging products? Does your anti-wrinkle cream work?

Think again.

In order for you to make a better judgment and separate facts from myths, you need to understand what causes wrinkles in the first place.

First of all, the natural aging process is the primary factor that causes fine lines and wrinkles. With age, all body processes slow down, including skin cell repair. Collagen and elastin, skin fibers found on the dermis or second layer of the skin, play very important roles in making skin cell repair happen, and keep skin moist, elastic, and supple to touch. Unfortunately, collagen and elastin production slow down with age. Collagen has been found in nil quantities among people 60 years old and up. Without sufficient amounts and efficient replacement of these skin fibers, skin becomes more prone to wrinkling.

The second most important fact you need to know about wrinkles is that the sun’s harmful UV rays is the main external factor that causes skin damage. If you want to minimize wrinkles, your anti-aging plan must include a strategy to keep out of sunlight.

Other factors that cause wrinkles are poor skin care habits, chronic stress, incorrect sleep position, insufficient sleep, poor diet and low consumption of water, and yes, harsh ingredients infused in your beauty bottle!

Myth 1: The Pricier a Product, the Better the Results

Come on! You should know this by now because the deception with equating quality with price is not unique to anti-aging products but with just about any other commercially available product.

When it comes to anti-aging products, It’s not the price but the active ingredient that is vital. Active ingredients catalyze and speed up natural body processes like collagen production or muscle firming to help you get rid of wrinkles. Among the most highly acclaimed are co-enzyme Q10, hyaluronic acid, hydroquinone, and peptides. The only well-studied active ingredient, however, that has been proven scientifically to reverse wrinkles are retinoids. You have to make sure that the product was prepared with your skin type in mind. Make it a habit to read the labels and to google up the product before heading to the cashier.

Know that to get the best anti-aging treatment in a bottle, you need to invest but not necessarily to break your bank account.

Myth 2: Anti-Aging Products Always Irritate Skin

It’s true that some anti-aging products can cause your skin to become irritated. However, more often than not, these side effects occur because the product is not suited to your skin type. If you don’t try it on though, how would you know? Always apply a product on a small patch of your skin to see if you have allergic reactions to any of the ingredients.

Your best choices are products made by reputable manufacturers. Seek those who invest heavily on R&D.

Skin care science is experiencing mega advancements and you know it is in your best interest to seek how it can benefit you.

Myth 3: Once You See Improvement, You Can Stop Using Anti-Aging Products

Don’t fall into this pitfall. Your skin ages continuously and just because you notice a few lines disappear does not make it right for you to throw away your anti-aging product. Your skin needs all the help it can get from your beauty bottle, and it’s great to know yours work. You’ve found your fountain of youth so keep using it, silly!

Myth 4: Someday, You Can Stop Wearing Sunscreen

Most skin damage are caused by accumulated and chronic exposure to the sun. In fact, you need more UV protection as you age because your body loses its natural ability to fight UV damage. You can stop wearing sunscreen only when the sun falls out of the sky by the time you turn 60!

Myth 5: You Should Use Anti-Aging Face Creams All Over

Unless you’re a multi-billionaire, the idea itself is ridiculous! Your skin care regimen will become so expensive, your monthly paycheck will not even be enough to sustain it. Face creams should be used for their purpose: for the face. Use body cream for your body.

Myth 6: The More Products You Use, the Better

Sorry to break it to you but when it comes to skin care, more isn’t necessarily better. Perhaps that is one reason why tretinoin is available only as a prescription drug. Then again, a variety of products, especially if put on top of each other, could spark chemical reactions that can potentially harm your skin. Use anti-aging products only as prescribed by the manufacturer or by your dermatologist. You simply can’t have too much of the good stuff.

Myth 7: Your Diet Doesn’t Matter After You’re Out of the Acne Stage

Diet is always a staple for healthy, young-looking skin. You need to have just the right amounts of nutrients necessary to keep your skin radiant and glowing.

Conclusion of The article

The vast expanse of anti-aging products available in the market today can be both intimidating and scary—but, only if you don’t have the right information to sort them out. Educate yourself. Before you believe any skin tip, use your head first!





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