• Dear Mark

    I wanted to let you know that I have been beset with body itch for the almost three years since my husband was diagnosed with lung cancer. Despite visits to hospital and dermatologists and doctors they could do nothing for me after trying various medications.  I have tried everything I could possibly find and nothing has given me any length of time free from itching.  By chance I came across Rejuvaderm and I cannot begin to say how good it has been I have been using it for about 4 weeks now and all the scars are healing and the itch has calmed to such an extent that I can be free for days at a time and I have great hope now I can go back to normality.  I cannot thank you enough for this wonderful cream. It is so easy to use and no side effects.

    Yours Sincerely

    Mrs Sheila Reed

    Newcastle upon Tyne

    NE12 7EW

    Mrs Sheila Reedttt
  • Unfortunately, I only used Dermacura for a week whilst the cream lasted. I have to use any cream in such large quantities that I used the tube very quickly. By the end of the week my hands had improved considerably and it was nice to feel ‘normal’ for a while. I would be very happy to try Dermacura again but would need to try it for a least a month to give a full review as obviously it takes a while for skin conditions to improve and clear up. I would also prefer if the cream were available in a pump dispenser as this would make it is easier to use. It would also be beneficial if the cream were available in larger bottles.


  • I had to write to you to thank you for your great Skin Products.  I have suffered with mild Rosacea and I have a severe reaction to any chemicals that are put in skin products and makeup etc.  I have struggled with this for the about 15 years now. I can’t tell you how great it is to have descent skin again with no flare ups when wearing your skin product. My daughter made me buy your product and I must admit I did think…. this will be another waste of money, but how wrong I was!   Needless to say my daughter is now using your product too and is also very pleased with it.

    I had to write and tell you this as I always think “praise where praise is due”    Thank you so much.     I will recommend your products to all my friends.

    Kind Regards

    Mrs Jill Parsons

  • I have been using Dermacura Intensive Spray for 3 weeks and have seen a noticeable improvement in my psoriasis. The skin is much smoother and paler and much less dry. The spray is very quick and easy to use, no need to rub in and it has a very pleasant light smell. I’m so impressed with this product that I’ve just ordered the shampoo and conditioner. A truly brilliant product that works. Thank you.


    Mrs J Crawford . York.

  • I was diagnosed with a skin lymphoma some three years ago. Base level treatment, UVB therapy has caused real problems with my skin, whilst providing only temporary reduction of the symptoms causing a lot of burning and severe dry and flaky skin. I have tried a range of moisturisers to combat these problems with little or sometimes negative effect and the standard NHS response; topical steroids were no use whatsoever.

    Consequently a Christmas present of Dermacura (on the recommendation of another cancer sufferer) was greeted with scepticism. Six months down the line and my attitude is somewhat different. A routine of treatment has evolved: Cleansing and overnight treatment with Epaderm, a generous coat of Dermacura through the day, minimal loose clothing, sun and sea.

    The results have been wonderful! Not only has the dry skin virtually disappeared along with the other consequences of treatment, but steroids have been totally eliminated and amazingly, most of the lymphoma symptoms are in decline. My skin is in a better condition than it has been in at any time since diagnosis.

    I would not be without Dermacura and would strongly recommend anyone with any unresponsive skin condition to give it a try.

  • The products was recommended to me by a lady whose mother has been a life-long sufferer from a type of psoriasis – and found your product miraculous. I was interested as 2 of my 4 children have what I call extra-sensitive skin, and a girl who I’ve worked with for 20 years also struggles with eczema and similar irritable skin conditions. They all tried it and my friend of 20 years said it was almost instant relief- something she was delighted by – my son has just gone travelling on a gap year and taken it with him – I will ask for his feedback – my daughter said she thought it looked excellent but as Id only bought 2 containers she’s waiting for me to purchase 3 rd. for her!

    SO far so good –

    Best wishes


    North Lincolnshire

  • I have suffered itchy skin and eczema or psoriasis on my hands for some years. The Dermacura Rejuvaderm appears to have cured the problem with my hands and is helpful for problems on other parts of the body. I therefore regard it very highly. It is the most effective skin healing cream that I have come across.


  • “This pressed base is the best I’ve ever used. I’m an esthetician, so texture is a big deal to me. I love that this base looks creamy on my skin and doesn’t look harsh, dry or dull. It makes my skin look it’s very best. I sell this product at the Dermatology office I work for. Everyone always wants to know what I use for makeup because my skin looks so good. Buy this product! You will NOT regret it! For full coverage, use the included sponge. For light to medium coverage, use the flat top kabuki brush.”

    “I’ve been using the pressed base for years and I absolutely love it. The formula is better than any other foundation I’ve tried for coverage, natural finish, and how great my skin looks and feels even with daily use. My only complaint is the compact itself, which has gotten even worse. I love the circle sponge provided, but after regular washings to keep them hygienic, they naturally stretch out. With the old compact it used to at least snap closed, but the new magnetic close is impossible once the sponge is even the slightest bit bigger. It’s heavy and utterly impractical to carry in my purse, which is pretty inconvenient. Please revamp the compacts to make them easier to take on the go!!”

    “You can use it with or without foundation or concealer underneath. Goes on sheer or full coverage. Feels and looks so beautifully on the skin. the shade range is perfect. Doesn’t move a lot I think I just need a touch up once a day. the line looks luxe and the formula is so great for your skin. doesn’t clog my pores and covers up redness and imperfections. I cant say enough good things! I’ve been a makeup artist for 5 years and try different products a lot. this is handdown my favorite pressed powder ever. thanks gloskinbeauty!”

    “This product is great. Light weight, great smooth coverage, and doesn’t cause breakouts.”

    “I was introduced to the Glo makeup line by my esthetician, and I will never use anything else again. I love everything about it!”

    “I have been using this powder for almost a decade. It has a light, airy, and clean feel to it. I have the option of light to full coverage with this one product! I would never use anything else on my skin!”


    “I love almost everything made by Glo. I really like the pressed powder. I have very sensitive skin and this really is good for it. The only negative is that it is a little pricey for how long it lasts. They also changed the packaging, so there is slightly less in new compact. Every “bit” counts at this price point.”

    “I love this makeup!!! By far the best makeup I’ve ever used!! Stays on well considering I have oily skin, providing a nice matte look. The color is perfect.”

    “Only makeup I have used for over 7 years. Looks natural!!”

    “I have used this for years! Just enough natural coverage. Doesn’t looked caked on like some liquid foundations. And, I don’t have the clearest complexion either. Love love love this forever!”
    “Offers great coverage and stays on all day ! Love this product because I do not have to worry about my acne flaring up every time I wear it.”

    “The coverage is unbeatable and the shade matches my skin really well. I’ve tried other compacts and they’ve all been a huge let down. This is lightweight, breathable, yet it’s full coverage all at the same time. I get a lot of compliments. Needless to say I refuse to use anything else!”

    “I have been using Glo mineral pressed powder for years. Smooth natural coverage and safe for my skin.”

    “I was introduced to this product line in 2015 by an Aveda esthetician who transitioned into working for a med spa. Don’t get me wrong, I love Aveda and continue to use their products, but there are just some things you need that are stronger for facial care when you have hyperpigmentation and texture issues with the occasional breakout and oily skin. I was matched for the pressed base and really liked the ease of usage. It is finely milled and it literally takes no time at all to blend seamlessly into the skin. I love the lightweight feel, especially with humid and very warm Hawaii weather.”

    Source: ttps://www.gloskinbeauty.com

  • I purchased my first bottle of Dermacura last summer for our 5 year old son. He had fairly bad eczema on his inner arm, elbows, eye lids and belly all last School year. I had tried creams the GP had prescribed, Cetraben, it irritated it even more, hydrocortisone cream and double base gel. None of these helped his rash at all.

    It was just by chance we passed a salon advertising your products in the window so I was keen to try it.

    Well it was the best thing I could have spent £18 on, it really helped settle the redness, relieve the itchiness and it did clear up all our sons’ eczema. Also the bottle has lasted a long time.

    I would and have recommended this product to anyone I thought it would help.


    Thanks again

    Leigh Dunn